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Main information about the Oman TV Sports Channel: Oman Sports TV from the Sultanate of Oman. It is one of the 4 channels offered by the television station and is the sports channel for it. This is a popular Arabic sports television channel. The other TV channels show Arabic news, Oman government announcements, Arabic children’s shows, tv shows about Arabic culture, nature, sports, and other Arabic television..

Other Information about the Oman General TV TV Channel: Oman General TV aims to present a complete and accurate picture of Oman’s history, heritage, daily life and development, while instilling the values of citizenship, moderation and tolerance. In douing so , it seeks to promote greater mutual understand, peace and co-operation for the benefit of all the states and peoples of the region and beyond.

Sultant of Oman Tv’s transmissions cover the whole country and can be received in the rest of ther world either by satellite or via the internet. General channel and sopr channel can also be received in mobile telephone handsets.

General TV transmits a wide variety of programmes that cater for every segment of society and include coverage of events and national occasions.It has five daily news bulletins in Arabic an one in English. It also covers national, religious, economic, social, cultural and development-related events and activities ,as well as Arab and regional affairs, and it has a network of correspondents abroad. Its discussion programmes and coverage of important local and international issues also include analysis by expert commentators.

In 2012, Oman General TV produced a number of documentary films including-among other: Al Sifialh(The Abalone), Hayaat al Bedu(Bedoun life), Kunuz Oman al Bahriyyah (Oman’s Sea Treasures ) and Ibn Battuta.

The national Day film was produced in ten different languages .It also aired several documentary films produced in collaboration with other ministries.

Oman General TV ‘s output, which ranges from chat shows and live interviews to programmes on development and cultural ,economic and other topics, includes: Istratigiat, Oman today and Qahwat al Sabah(Morning coffee).

TV Channel: Oman TV Sports
Language: Arabic
Live: Yes

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