Jailbreak Firestick December 2019

In this video and guide you will learn how to jailbreak Firestick December 2019. *Note: this video is not made by us although we handpicked it for you. Please read the bullet instructions below before you watch the video so you know what to avoid.

Firstly what does it mean to jailbreak an Amazon Firestick. Jailbreaking is simply making a device accept unauthorized, out of network, third-party software (you get the point) on a device such as an Amazon Firestick. You do this by visiting settings and changing the developer options. Some of you may be familiar with this if you have ever rooted a phone or had to install an unknown apk on an android phone.

By jailbreaking your Amazon Firestick you will be able to watch television shows and movies you possibly otherwise couldn’t by using Kodi or one of the many other software bundles available. This Amazon Firestick jailbreak video does not install kodi, but it is the same process as installing the other software he has you install on the firestick (and it is in the list of downloads.) However Kodi is different and will make you download packages from it’s libraries. So it is a bit steeper on the learning curve. That is why we suggest this video instead for those new to jailbreaking firesticks or other Amazon video devices and are just curious. For those of you who want to install Kodi click here for a Kodi Firestick Jailbreak Tutorial.

Our instructions for this Firestick Jailbreak Video:

Do everything and install everything except one app IPVanish. He is selling you a subscription to it and we don’t want you quitting thinking you have to buy something. You don’t need to use it and you don’t need to buy it. If you do install it just uninstall it and fast forward past his IPVanish section.


The maker of this Firestick Jailbreak video is trying to get you to buy a subscription to IPVanish which is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and it’s not really needed. Some claim it will keep you safe perhaps in the future if Amazon ever has to give info to the movie copyright holders.

However, these movies and TV shows you will be receiving on your Firestick come from websites that are streaming them. In other words you will not be downloading from anyone, nor will you be downloading from peers in torrent torrent or anywhere else where you will be able to be watched by copyright holders. The only ones who can see what site you are visiting are your ISP, Amazon (probably), and the website offering the movie links.

However, if you already have a VPN subscription you will most likely be able to find a version of it for your Amazon Firestick by searching for it. I used the voice option to find my VPN program PureVPN which I do pay for, but is the cheapest and one of the best around especially when compared to IPVanish (whom I have used in the past.) If you have no VPN and think you want one to be on the safe side go with PureVPN it blows most away. for the price. Although, remember it’s not really needed.


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